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Wat Design for ILSE- 11.08.07

wattdesign.jpgI was just checking out the portfolio of Wat Design and i found this “ILSE media, head office - interior design of the HQ, totally designed out of 2D flat panels with pixel design. Simcity office garden”. In this pixel wonderland ~ the first thing i thought was ~ wow its like a real world Diesel Sweeties mash up! I feel like if i were walking around in there, i would look down and see myself in pixel form! Anyhow, they have converted nearly everything… from coat racks and trash cans, to stickers of pixel cell phones and calculators, pixel food on pixel plates on pixel table clothes, and pixel sunsets, and pixel trailers and lunch trucks in life size (OH, and even a pixel window by the urinals…)! See the images below, and see more fun projects over at Wat Design.





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Answer to Becca, the pixels dont have different sizes. By placing eg. 4 pixels of the same color in a square you get what might look like a bigger pixel, but in reality its just more pixels of the same size, added together, just like on a computer…



----- Sourcery 16.11.07 00:34

Having walked around in there I can tell you that although it looks fun in the pictures in reality it’s messy and childish looking. Ilse Media is, as its name gave it away, a media company and running the most popular news website in the Netherlands, when I came in my first impression was amazement and I do not mean that in a positive way.
It was as if I was walking around a kindergarten where some grownups started drawing silly pictures in order to give the children something fun to look at.
Don’t take me wrong, I’m a computer nerd myself and can be very playful at times but you would expect something more serious from a company like that.
I think first impressions are always very important but with this interior they are making a fool of themselves.

----- Calm_Pear 15.11.07 14:28

So fun !

----- baka 13.11.07 02:01

This is totally awesome. One thing that bothers me, that i have seen before on other pixel art too… why aren’t all the pixels the same size? Am I weird that i am bothered by something so dumb?

----- Josh 09.11.07 05:54

This is crazy! How would it be go to to work with decor like this every day? I love the pixel window in the bathroom.

----- Becca 08.11.07 20:41

very cool!

----- lena 08.11.07 15:08

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