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Murakami @ MOCA- 11.02.07

mocamurakami.jpgMurakami Gala Opening at MOCA ~ although they wont let you take pictures at the exhibit, you sure can see a lot of whats going on and what people were getting through flickr and eBay. Even the LA Times ran an article on how the plexiglass “placemats” from the dinner are being auctioned for $999 - keep in mind it cost $1000 to attend the opening gala. An apaprently everyone from Mr. Murakami himself (and his family!), Marc Jacobs, Kanye West, Owen Wilson, Christina Ricci, Cindy Crawford, Toby McGuire, Pharell to Eric Nakamura of Giant Robot was there. Luckily for us Eric documented it all nicely via blog and flickr! You can check out his post on the gala, his flickr of the exhibit during the press preview with accompanying post here. Another great flickr resource - Brandon Shigeta - who says “you can take pics of the mona lisa, but they say no here. whatever, set the camera to interval shooting and away we go…” Haha. Also there are the many pictures you can see searching Murakami MOCA on flickr.

Now for the wealth of goodies showing up on ebay ~ and what Eric got from going to the gala, see below!


So apparently as well as the dinner, early exhibition viewing, celebfest, and kanye west show… attendees also received the “placemat”, leather LV holder with table number, and a mug! And as we all know by now, people are rather shameless regardless of how much they have ~ so people were apparently stealing up these things from each other left and right!

As for what you can find on eBay ~ there are many of the bags and accessories up from the LV store within the exhibit ~ and even the Press Kit and Poster! I’m sure more will be popping up quickly.

For more info on the exhibit itself ~ check out the Murakami page on MOCA

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I love his music as for his persona i feel like nobody should have that much damn ego, but i guess when you have money everything is at your feet.

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