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Triops, Sea Monkeys, and NASA Gel- 11.03.07

triop1.jpgAfter finding this brilliantly packaged National Geographic Kids: Fossil Regeneration Unit on Cherryflava ~ it launched into what became quite a crazy thread of research and random toy discoveries… but before i head there…

I’m glad the Cherryflava folks were ignorant enough to call these Sea Monkeys, because it launched a bit of debate between some of us, and we were quite sure that the Triops they were growing were far larger and of a very different species (more like mini horseshoe crabs?). They do however sell kits that are quite similar to the Sea Monkey process, but none nearly as cool looking as this direct mailer kit the agency FoxP2 (check out their site, it is awesome the way they approach branding) created for National Geographic Kids.

From here we dug up videos of Sea Monkeys and Triops… and every Triop kit out there… and then every crazy insta-pet kit from our childhoods as well as what else is new out there! (i.e. venus fly traps and praying mantis to frogs to butterflies to ant farms to gel antfarms and gel plant kits) See more images below to follow along…



Here is a Sea Monkey (with some crazy music):

And here is a Triop:

And here’s a cool video of the Ecdysis of a Triop:

Here are some of the many variations of Triop kits you can buy…

Here are some blasts from the past… Traditional ant farms, butterflies, sea monkeys, frog, hermit crab, and praying mantis kits! You can see more on this quick Amazon Wishlist of crazy animals i made to keep track of them…

Also on the list ~ and kind of sort of not really pets… lots of carnivorous plant options as well!

… ok and for the NASA gel ~ there is also a whole new category of crazy gel based ant farms and plant kits… but more to come on that whole section next…

For the extra large image of the kit that started all this:

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4 Notes

hi there,
like our stuff , looks really cool,
i have been trying to find where i can buy som of the ant gell stuff , and failing miserably ,where did you get some?

i’m trying to make a piece of furniture with a gel habitat in it for part of my degree show help ould really be appreciated !!!!

----- piers edsall 04.06.08 06:13

We purchased a “gel” ant farm for my son for Christmas. My entire family has gotten enjoyment out of this. I have friends and family who stop by just to watch the ants. We were talking about making a bigger ant farm using a fish aquarium. How would we go about getting enough gel to fill the aquarium? Also is there any way to get a queen? That would make the environment more useful. Please let me know if you can help with any information. Thank you.

----- Trish 02.01.08 16:45

Hey this looks like a part of the DeLorean from Back to the future! sell it as “vintage memorabilia” and you’ll get loaded. ;-)
Nice blog.
PS- a mention to you is on mine regarding one of your posts, btw.

;-) Señorita Puri

----- Señorita Puri 07.11.07 00:57

for those who are curious… the “crazy music” from the seamonkey video is the song “rock lobster” by the b-52’s, as performed by peter griffin (of family guy)

----- brandy 04.11.07 11:10

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