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Naked Nabzatags- 11.16.07

nabza1.jpgNabzatag ~ the crazy wifi bunnies we’ve been seeing for a while… apparently in the goodies section of their site they are anti-naked bunnies! Anyhow, a little random, but cute that they have pdfs for everything from paper clothes (i guess you could make them with cloth too) to stickers to decorate them (from eyebrows to mustaches to logo shirts ~ give them some character!).


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All you need to play with your Nabaztag and custom the Smart wifi Rabbit of Violet is on http://nabzone.com . API & coding resources and samples to have fun with Nabaztag, the Wifi Rabbit created by Violet.

With Nabzone and your nabaztag, you can play lot games such as :
Nabaztag Rock Paper Scissors,
Nabaztag Love Test,
The translator Rabbit,
Magic 8 Ball,
Telepathy Game,
Fortune Cookies,
Nabaztag Goofy vs Regular,
Nabgo : The Rabbit Bingo,
Memory Game ‘Simon’,
Nabaztag knows alphabet,
The Rabbit knows Times Tables,
But also… Nabzmood
And the Rabbits’GoogleMap.

Nabztag Widgets for netvibes and igoogle are avalaible on http://gadget.nabzone.com
Nice and pretty Tshirts and goodies are in the nabzshirts shops :
http://nabzshirt.spreadshirt.net and http://nabzshirt.shirtcity.com

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