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The Adiri Story- 11.16.07

adiri.jpgIt’s always nice to find a story that incorporates great design and great business. Emily over at Baggu sent me this NYTimes article “From Boutique to Big Time” By Laurie J. Flynn… it’s the story of these beautiful Adiri Natural Nursers, the “Ultimate Baby Bottle”, basically “Your breast doesn’t feel like plastic. Why should your baby’s bottle?” They’ve designed a polycarbonate-free plastic nursing bottle that has a soft rubbery grip. From the business side, the interesting story of a yahoo lawyer who’s father passes away and leaves her the company.. and how she’s gone from a mom with a boutique business to learning to scale up to fulfill large orders from places like Babies R Us… Anyhow, its a good read, and it looks like they’ve really cleaned up the design with this new model. Check out the new Adiri Natural Nurser and the article.

here is the image from the article - Jim Wilson/The New York Times

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I actually bought one. It is like a sculpture. They are like $13 or $14 for one bottle plus shipping, but well worth it.

----- charmesh 17.11.07 07:21

I love the breast not feeling like plastic sentence. So true. Why hasn’t someone thought of this before?

----- Becca 16.11.07 22:20

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