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No-Baking Baking Gifts- 11.17.07

cookienobake1.jpgIn that interesting intersection of packaging, baking, gifting, dry+shippable… we have a unique twist on how to gift cookies. Without baking. And even get to have fun layering things together much like sand art as a kid where you layered various colored sand in glass? This first caught my eye in Glamour’s Dec 07 issue ~ and i tore out the page to come back to… and then browsing Neiman Marcus noticed that even THEY are doing it with their infamous internet urban legend of a chocolate chip recipe (more on both below). As usual, this got me on a little internet rampage googling up “gift in a jar” “mix in a jar” and there are a LOT of options and recipes out there… however, i must say most of my finds lead me to some pretty painfully hideous sites, and their recipes images were not that much nicer. So i’ll spare you. But as for the semi-crafty or low budgeted out there, i think we designers could do some really gorgeous things with this whole no-bake baking gifts concept… after all its really ALL in the packaging isn’t it? (If it doesn’t come out perfectly, maybe they baked it wrong!)… oh and if you’re truly lazy, you can probably just buy some nice packaging and repackage some betty crocker?



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I was terribly clumsy and dropped the bake-jar just as I was about to get down to work. What a disaster - glass and ingredients for about 4 dozen cookies everywhere. Sad.

----- sabine 20.11.07 17:33

Great idea!
although jews don’t celebrate christmas,
a definite MUST for this season :)

----- Alon 20.11.07 02:20

I’ve done similar jars in the past, though I usually go with soups, since my sister likes to do bake-jars (my name for them). I give these because people like home-made gifts, and since I’m not overly skilled at other home-making types of tasks, I figure this works well.

Also, if you wanted to make this kind of gift a little more fancy, you could include a nice utensil appropriate to the goods to be made (nice big cookie spatula, ice cream scoop, soup ladle, etc.)

----- Matt 19.11.07 08:58

Wonderful idea! It takes a while for ideas such as these to reach Sweden, so I am happy to see this great and for me NEW idea! :-) I´ll make a posting about it as well and perhaps Sweden will be filled with these cookie jars this Christmas. ;-)

----- Pethra på Inredningsbloggen 19.11.07 03:23

I made handdrawn label after label after label for layered dry cookie mixes at my very first graphic design job after college. We also made muffin mixes and brownies etc. I will see if I can scrounge up some pictures for you. I blame layered cookie mixes for getting me into handdrawn type. ha! The company that I worked for would go to trade shows all over the country and sell them. TONS of them. We had a huge production line of workers making layered mixes. It was quite a scene. The company is no longer in business, but they were thriving between 1997-2001.

----- kate 18.11.07 07:55

Hmmmm if you’ve all been doing it for years ~ anyone have pics of some done nicely? I could only find some pretty hideous examples online when i looked earlier ~ anyone actually make a nicely designed, well layered one in a cool jar or vase or something?


----- jean 17.11.07 23:31

Yeah, these have been around for like 30 years or so. Popular when I was younger, too.

----- mal 17.11.07 22:35

Oh oops. maybe i shouldn’t have missed 2nd grade! Sorry if this is boring and old news for you!

----- jean 17.11.07 16:11

um yeah i did this in like second grade.

----- matt 17.11.07 15:20

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