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Escape?- 12.24.07

trapped.jpgI’d like to take this xmas eve to have a totally random nonsensical post. This image popped up when i was cleaning out old emails, i have no clue what it is other than escape.gif… rstevens of Diesel Sweeties tends to leave random images to sign off emails. And its been mesmerizing me on my desktop… i feel like she looks some days! And on more randomness ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY! To dan, who’s taking this cofounder/dev/save-the-day role for NOTCOT fulltime and letting that corporate silicon valley gig go.


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Man, I’m glad you guys put up creds for Vera Brosgol’s art. She is a brilliant illustrator and definitely deserved the comments too.

----- Johanna 25.12.07 20:19

I recognized that style immediately as Vera’s. She does such a wonderful illustration style, had to buy both flight books to get more.

----- sei 24.12.07 14:59

Vera Brosgol, I think. [verabee.com]

----- miss madeleine 24.12.07 12:24


I believe that escape.gif is by one Vera Brogsol, a brilliant young animator and artiste. Her site is here: www.verabee.com, and the original piece is here: http://www.verabee.com/images/escapegirl.gif

She’s part of a collective of artists known as Pants Press, which includes Bill Mudron, Jen Wang, Erica Moen and Dylan Meconis, among others.

Check out their art blog at: http://community.livejournal.com/pantsketch/

----- Robbio 24.12.07 11:28

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