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Liquid Image- 12.28.07

liquidimage.jpgOn upcoming things to look forward to at CES ~ Liquid Image ~ the ultimate underwater third eye cam? A new level of strap-on waterproof wearable tech? But this really would be pretty fun for everything from diving to playing in the pool, bathtub, hot tub, fish tank? And the images aren’t bad with the camera coming in a 3 and 5 megapixel option for pictures and videos! See examples below!

Another option? How about they have strap on bluetooth camera/headset in my mask/regulator? and then my phone can just come with in a drysack? With voice activated “email image to…”? And while we’re at it might as well add a heads up display in the mask? and google maps with gps and instead of traffic it could have current tracking? with a dot for where i am and where my boat is? Ok ok, so maybe getting a bit out of control here, since my favorite part of scuba diving was always that serene relatively tech/internet free peacefulness of the vast unknown under the surface.


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Hi i would like to have the under water mask cam.

I’m from Qatar and i would like to know the price and how to get it.


----- Al-thani 08.07.08 02:49

Just to let everyone know, the mask is not being sold until May 15th. One website is sold-out on backorders. I am waiting for B&H to start taking orders. Good luck finding these, they are going to be big!

----- Mary 24.04.08 08:15

I live in south eastern New York, near New York City. Can you please tell me where I may be able to buy one of your Camera Masks.

Thank you for your anticipated reply,

Fred K.

----- Fred Kay 11.04.08 12:35

I am interested in getting one of the digital camera masks, please let me know how to order one.
Thank you,
Frank Bigelow

----- FRANK BIGELOW 11.01.08 08:46

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