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Pantone Pen Prints- 12.28.07

prismacolor.jpgSometimes the simplest of things combined with some patience render the most beautiful results… and in the case of Daniel Eatok’s Pantone Pen Prints ~ 73 results… and i wish i knew about these back in 2006 ~ because they are not only beautiful but incredibly cheap as well! The bottom layer being 1₤ and working its way up to the top laying being 73₤. Basically, he balanced a set of 288 Pantone Pens on their nibs and let the paper soak it all in over the course of a month. More images below, i can’t stop staring at them, and am dying to run out and set up my own to try! Found this over at Bobby Sattler’s Whole lot of BS.




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Magical. It’s the pantone pen equivalent of toys coming alive at night. 288 pens would be around $4,300 here in Oz. Keep up the good work!

----- Tarnae 29.06.13 21:00

Well thats one way to spend and pay for a $1000 set of Pantones…

----- Lone 28.12.07 08:36

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