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Rotor Kitchen- 12.13.07

cabinet.jpgJust got a fun email from the folks at Rotor over in Brussels ~ and they’ve done some kitchen cabinetry with industrial leftovers ~ talk about a nice way to do the recycled thing! As they explain: “The paneling of the cupboards for this kitchen is made out laser-cut plywood, an industrial leftover from a company specialized in die-cutting cardboard for the packaging of luxury-goods. The wooden boards were used as punching-plates for punching out the shape of unfolded boxes from larger sheets of cardboard. We had to extract the razor-sharp knives from the slits before being able to saw the boards. This is a project of Lionel Devlieger in collaboration with Eric Van den Broucke.”



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I don’t like the fact that none of the cabinets match. but I love that its a recycling way of making kitchen cabinets. Maybe if the person who designed it painted it with a nice color, in an environment friendly paint it would look better?

----- Vanessa Flores 29.10.08 06:29

its quite ugly isnt it

----- JUST COOL Design Blog 23.08.08 19:52

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