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Q-BA-MAZE- 12.31.07

qbamaze.jpgQ-BA-MAZE - you may have noticed this new designer twist on the old school 3d wooden marble mazes on the gift guide. Well i played with it a bit before then, but only had enough free time on my hands tonight to build more silliness with it and take a few quick pics… I must say there is something calmingly mesmerizing about playing with all the ball bearings ~ and the quality of the pieces are far nicer than i expected just looking at images ~ my only complaint would be that sometimes they dont hold together as well as i’d hope, and in building my silly nearly 5ft tall twisty single helix/staircase tower some of the core center pieces weren’t clicking together and it came tumbling down once… Also, some of the best packaging ever, i love that they managed to put the packaging together so that you can actually flip the box over to reset the balls to roll down the maze in the box! It’s fully functional to play with before it even gets opened! Anyhow, take a look at the huge images below, and to find out more, go watch the videos at Q-BA-MAZE!

Here are the contents of 2 50 pieces boxes - as organized by color and piece type…


It started like this:
Then i got a little bored and added even more to it…

Here are some closeups…

Here are some packaging details ~ coolest thing really is that you can watch the ball bearings roll through a premade maze with every flip of the box.

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video, agreed. checked its blog? intense.

----- archetypist 31.12.07 16:57

This post cries out for video! I was SO going to buy one of these sets for a nephew, but under advice from my brother, he wouldn’t have likely given it more than 10 minutes before going back to his Wii. Kids today.

If I can score a 50-piece set for something reasonable, I’d love to get one for myself though!

----- The Slapster 31.12.07 13:10

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