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Recycled Words- 12.30.07

ashford.jpgWill Ashford’s Recycled Words do just that… literally. In an obsessive compulsive pattern recognition, pencil doodling, word in words spotting, ‘art’ loving way, he brings out what was already there but not even seen from your every day book pages, and it blows my mind. I love it when i wake up to emails like the one from Ryan with images of Will’s work where i can’t help just sitting here and staring at image after image for a while… and as Ryan said “It’s like he’s made the old study technique of highlighting into an advanced art form… or something.” I concur. Imagine if we reverse highlighted our books to only show the most critical of information! I guess at that point it would look more like art, and as far as info goes you might as well just carry the cliffnotes around? But this would be an incredible daily exercise, the reverse journal basically ~ granted you picked the right book? Anyhow for those of you squinting to read, in that first image the yellow says LOOK FOR the orange says ART the red says AND the purple says IT the teal says WILL APPEAR and the binoculars say THE END. But really, just click through to see more below! My other favorites are there as well!







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A lot of questions answered. Thanks brother. Miss you!

----- Michael 16.08.17 09:10

“inspired” in this case is another word for BLATANT RIP OFF. it makes me lose alot of faith in art and feel sorry for the artist who clearly lacks the imagination to construct an original idea.

----- Will 25.01.08 12:33

Wil never ceases to amaze me! His work is creative, unique, educational and challenging…

----- Donna Guenther 23.01.08 14:54

I am totally mesmerized by this work. Thank you so much for sharing it. I don’t think it’s the same as Phillip’s work at all other than they both used primary source documents as a base for creating the work. Who’s to say who inspired whom? Looking at their resumes they appear to be about the same age … and does it really matter? Both are great artists.

----- Ruby 31.12.07 08:50

This makes me think of Tom Phillips’s work, a lot.

----- Adam Rubinstein 30.12.07 16:15

This is a great site, wonderful…

----- Kissaki 30.12.07 15:17

Pretty, but also very obviously inspired by Tom Phillip’s incredible on-going work, A Humument.

----- Beanbag Amerika 30.12.07 14:25

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