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The RayD8 Clan- 12.20.07

rayd81.jpgA box full of RayD8s just showed up ~ they are the stocking stuffer of choice for my NOTCOT team this year… and i can’t stop playing with it… and watching the videos (great interviews with suckloard and poykpac right now!) in Mimozine 1 that comes loaded on him! Also really cool screensavers, icons packs, music, wallpapers… these little guys really are TOYS with some digital depth to them… and you can use them as the 4gig USB keys they are too. And more reasons why i’m obsessing on RayD8… he GLOWS in the dark and has a split personality… and he actually has FEET on the bottom! You can see all my favorite parts in his photoshoot below… the kids over at Mimobots even sent them over ready for this cold weather with their furry jump suits (different colors so we can keep track of who’s who).

As you know, i’ve played with Mimobots before (remember my ramona?) ~ and they were one of our gift guide sponsors (had SO much fun making that guide) ~ but somehow i hadn’t gotten the chance to fully explore the Mimozine till now… i wish all usb devices came with fun content/magazines to enjoy! It’s been an honor to have them as such strong supporters of NOTCOT!

See? FEET!

Looking warm in his furry jumpsuit…



He even has glow arms!


Here’s the clan of them together waiting to be gifted…

Sneak peek at the Mimozine!

Screenshot of all goodies within…

Screenshot of some of the available icons…

Here’s a sneak peak at one of the RayD8 wallpapers! They come preloaded with goodies from all characters in the Core Series

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If you don’t want him to look quite as mean then I can recommend the white Proto-hoodie, kinda takes the edge off all the evil!

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