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Toastvertising ~ for SPAM- 12.27.07

toastvertising.jpgIt’s been a spam-filled holiday season, why is it that spammers are attacking me with prospects of great fakes to order (who knew even spammers have boxing day sales?) and ways to enlarge and satisfy? But while cleaning through the multitude of flagged emails i’m far behind on, there was some REAL spam. The meaty kind… some fabulously ambitious TOASTVERTISING for the new Book Of Spam… from the guys who brought you the human flip book (remember those hundreds of tshirts that got printed for the animated advert? It was on .org as #6369), but now they toasted an animation frame by frame and by hand into 220 pieces of toast… thats more than there are pages in the Book Of Spam. See some screenshots as well as the advert itself AND the making of! (both are equally awesome and worth checking out for some toasty inspiration)



The advert itself:

The making of (followed by the advert):

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I can’t wait for the NOTCOT version…

----- Craig 27.12.07 23:23

Hell yeah!!!

----- michael 27.12.07 18:03

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