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What to do in 2008?- 12.25.07

notcot2008.jpg008 is upon us (nearly!), and i’m excited to say farewell to 007, particularly since this year was spent fairly grounded in california (bouncing between norcal and socal), with a few tiny quick excursions. I’m hoping to make 2008 a more normal jetsettery/nomadic year, and could really use some help! I’ve been trying to compile a list of major design events, and things to possibly try to make my way out to… as well as just general places to see, etc.

SO, take a look at the list below ~ help by suggesting more to add to it, or if you’re interested in sponsoring a trip in some way to make sure we cover it, let’s chat! I’m already playing with the idea of having our main NOTCOT homebases for 008 by LA and Paris, but details are in the works… *fingers crossed* ~ what do YOU want to see happening here in 008?

2008 events ~ i also threw all of these on a google map for now if you’d like to take a peek at it that way!

*Jan 7-10, Vegas: CES

Jan 14-20, Cologne: IMM

*Jan 15-18, SF: Macworld

Jan 25-29, Paris: Maison et Objet

*Jan 26-29, SF: SF Gift Fair

Feb 1-2, NYC: NY Gift Fair

Feb 6-10, Stockholm: Furniture fair

Feb 12-15, Vegas: Magic

Feb 21-24, Toronto: IDS

Feb 27-Mar 1, Monterey: TED

March 7-16, Austin: SXSW

*March 14-16, LA: CA Boom

*April 5-10, Florence: CHI

April 10-14, Miami: IA summit

*April 16-21, Milan: Salone del Mobile

*April 22-27, Madrid: Intl Furniture Fair

April 25-27, Indio: Coachella

*May, Berlin: Design Mai?

*May 17-20, NYC: ICFF

June 4-8, Basel: Art Basel

July 24-27, SD: Comic-con

Aug 11-16, LA: Siggraph

*Sept 5-9, Paris: Maison et objet

*Sept 13-23, London: Design Week (100% design - sept 18-21)

Sept - Helsinki design week?

*Sept-Nov: Venice Architecture Bienalle

Oct, bay area: Zend com

Oct 30-Nov 3, Tokyo: 100% design

Nov Paris php conf

Nov? Chi? DUX

*Dec 4-7, Miami: Art Basel Miami

On general places i’d love to see ~ Iceland is definitely on that list… Shanghai to see some friends moving there….

Things to look up ~ when is the frankfurt design week?


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If you’re considering Berlin for May, come by for a personal tour of the Strich & Faden show, a huge subversive crafts and neotrad art show I’m organising.

----- Kunstraum Richard Sorge 15.04.09 12:58

OFFF Lisbon 08 - 8,9,10 May

----- Fabio 25.02.08 12:37

warsaw, poznań, wrocław

----- MIKolas 18.01.08 10:35

Come to Brasil - São Paulo

----- Felipe 03.01.08 09:08

come to brasil and see sao paulo’s crazy urban art

----- ze 02.01.08 08:49

I think you should definitely come down to Atlanta during one of the merchandise shows in January or July at the Amerimart Merchandise markets downtown. Usually there are some really great design showcases then.

----- Grace 31.12.07 21:28

You could go to the Design Indaba in South Africa.
takes place in the beautiful Cape Town in february.

----- jo 31.12.07 03:45

Should be, must be, have to be…

in Istanbul…

----- sunipeyk 30.12.07 05:09

Yes burningman is a great place. This will be my 4th year. I have been to bangkok a few times. Some really wonderful things happening there that you don’t always hear about. Design of all different kinds.

----- Kyle2501 29.12.07 22:31

You’re missing out on the entire Southern Hemisphere! I thoroughly recommend taking a trip to Aus or New Zealand for Semi-Permanent. Sydney event is April 4th and 5th. http://www.semipermanent.com/

see you down here!

----- jonathon 29.12.07 19:46

Rome is amazing…

and I can’t believe that Valencia, Spain is not on that list…

----- Chris 29.12.07 16:52

I second Buenos Aires! Having been there many times due to having family down there, and being a graphic designer in nyc, the design scene is very advanced and on the move there. PLUS great food and, at least up until recently, very inexpensive. I think you’d like it.

----- Debbie 29.12.07 15:45

Have you ever gone to Burningman? This will by my 7th year, we are the Gypsymonkey and cat car camp. Check out burningman.com and gypsymonkeys.com for more info.

----- William Quintin 29.12.07 13:53

i believe we see a lot from usa and europe but few about latinamerica and asia..i’ll go to the unknown. be different.

----- dikua 28.12.07 21:36

May 8-10, Lisbon: OFFF 2008

----- Rute 28.12.07 18:25

Dubai city in UNITED ARAB EMIRETS….^_^

very co0l city…

----- amoooon 28.12.07 09:08


You can also visit this year’s DESIGNBRUSSELS from 15-23 November 2008.
The new website will be online in February : www.designbrussels.com
This exhibition will also features two other events : Cocoon and Smartliving.

Cheers from Belgium and best wishes for you all, many many thanks for all your posts on Notcot.org, that’s a everyday pleasure !!

----- Matt 28.12.07 00:06

Hi, this is Jorge Again!…

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Palermo Design Conference at Universidad de Palermo
August 1st to 10th.
Graphic, Interior, Industrial, Custom and clothing design.

----- Jorge Valverde 27.12.07 08:00

in Brazil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pleaseeeeeeeee!! :)
So, a need an email whre can i send some informations here from Brazil! There’s a lot of great artists and news from here that I wat to send for you.

----- Emmanuelle Saeger 27.12.07 03:40

Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao
Design, Night, Food

----- Jorge 26.12.07 21:59

and dont forget eindhoven!

----- rugenius 26.12.07 13:43

Hi, i like too much NotCot and i´ll love that you can do something in SouthAmerica!!! think about it, LatinAmerica needs more design!!! Help Us!

----- Jorge Valverde 26.12.07 09:13

Stockholm! Amazing city.

----- Evan 26.12.07 06:39

Carytown NYE in Richmond, VA. Come before midnight Dec. 31st.

Check rvamag.com

----- Mike 25.12.07 17:03

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