Reach out to trendsetting international 18-35 year olds who appreciate the finer things.
. . . you are definitely in the right place, be it a cross network or targeted campaign, let's chat.

CPM based advertising is available through Federated Media:
(You can now buy online through the self serve platform!)

For NOTCOT.com + NOTCOT.org:
- Leaderboards (top of .com+.org)
- 300x250 Rectangles inline on NOTCOT.com + NOTCOT.org
- 600x250 Special larger spots inline on NOTCOT.com + NOTCOT.org
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For NotCouture:
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we do love to get hands on, and show a different side of products
. . . from products, technology, spaces, places, edibles - just get a product/experience in our hands.

Product reviews from a design/detail perspective. Brutally honest - focused on the visuals - sometimes even videos. Because we all know, whether it is a purse, a vacuum, a cellphone, a new airplane, a restaurant, a hotel room bathroom, or even just a book, there are so many details that time got put into that do not get done justice when browsing a product online. So, get a product IN OUR HANDS! Let us help you show that other side off to the readers. Contact Us!.


traditional isn't really our thing
. . . lets push the boundaries of how our companies and audience can have some fun together.

No offense to the traditional banner/skyscraper kids, but we do prefer less traditional means of advertising companies we love when possible. So have a contest idea? Want to sponsor a photoshoot? How about sponsoring our in depth coverage of an event like Design Week? Or a redesign, or some new features? Want to throw a party with us? As you can see, we're open to ideas... Contact Us!


As far as unique sponsorships go, we have a lot of potential opportunities for 2010... as i try to plan where NOTCOT will be, and what events/cities/adventures we will be covering, help from sponsors can certainly make the possibilities greater! Whether you want to sponsor a trip, flight, hotel room, video, meal at restaurants to review, coverage of an event, exploration of a city, tour of a factory,... get creative! We'd love find a way to work together to bring better design coverage in innovative partnerships/sponsorships. And we'd certainly find ways to promote your sponsorship on posts/videos/rss feeds etc that go along with the sponsored content!

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