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Xmas in Brussels- 12.22.07

treesdara.jpgDara is back in Brussels for the holidays, and just sent me a quick email with the most incredible mural she wandered past… “I was out in town yesterday during the day in this chic area called Sablon, where they have all the famous chocolate shops, on my way to the grand place, i stopped at this beautiful mural on a door out in the middle of nowhere!” Anyhow, it was such a nice combination and a great use of the physical space, i had to share it with you as well! She’s also attached a picture of the infamous manneken pis all decked out in his santa gear… Now she’s making me think of those climbing santas i saw all through belgium last time i was there in the holiday season!





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Unexpected… A friend of mine has sent your link. I made this painting a few years ago… If you want to see more: www.marcdemeyer.be
And greetings to Dara. It’s stimulating when someone value your work…

----- marc 23.01.08 16:38

This is stunning; I wish someone would do one where I live.

----- Melissa 24.12.07 20:03


----- Alex 23.12.07 15:16

Beautiful! Anyone know who did this? Or if it was signed/tagged?

----- joeyjoseph 23.12.07 00:11

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