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Tombow Object XL- 12.22.07

tombospace.jpgFor pen lovers, I just received this new alternative to space pens and INKA pens ~ that can write upside down, under water, in space, etc due to the pressurized ink cartridges! Tombow (whose markers and glues i’ve loved since childhood) have their own version, the Object XL that we found over at adorable Tortoise Life on Abbot Kinney last night. The although a little larger than my INKA Titanium that has been on my keychain for some time, i love that with one action you can extend the top which makes the pen tip appear, and makes it the perfect length to comfortably write with… no caps or little pieces to lose, or clickers to accidentally help a pen scribble in the innards of your purse/wallet. Apparently you can even put a Fischer PDA Stylus in. Full unboxing images below ~ it makes a gorgeous gift!



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Tombow has juicy designs, but I hope the ballpoint works better than the Object Rollerball I tried. It skipped on Clairefontaine paper, feathered on every paper I tried, and became ink-starved after writing quickly for more than a few words. Not impressed.

----- Doug 29.04.08 14:05

Beautiful pen and pics!

----- Speedmaster 23.12.07 05:16

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