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366cm’s Square- 01.12.08

square336.jpg366cm is the swiss design duo Sergio Streun and Vincent Schertenleib. Square is their beautifully subtle trivet that looks like a simple glossy black tile with laser engraved electronic cooker elements, but as soon as you put a hot pot upon it, it quickly transforms to an orangy red glow that not only conveys the heat but looks beautiful as well.

Ooops. Nevermind, it would have been cooler if it changed!


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Those are beautiful! However I don’t think the color of the tiles changes in function of the heat; I think the tiles are just sold in three different colors.

----- Sophie 13.01.08 21:08

I thought these were great (still do), however I don’t think they actually change colour depending on the heat of the pot. You can order them in either black, orange or red.

----- Daniël Haveman 13.01.08 10:06

Hey, I think you should firt check out the original post, it is only a convenient tile rather than a heat sensitive one. You could choose black, red or orange. color could not be changed. Just choices.

----- leonhill 13.01.08 04:56

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