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Belkin at CES- 01.11.08

bbooth1.jpgAt CES the sun sets at Belkin. It was the most natural, inviting, “home” to hang out in… with a grassy courtyard in the center where the band played live music with the sun setting behind them… bedrooms, offices, kitchens, living rooms to the sides… even a perfectly darkly lit gamer den off to one corner… mannequins out for a jog out front… the VW parked out back. With lush green grasstroturf in the center space they nicely insulated from the chaos of CES, and hardwood floors with clean black furniture in the others… i felt more like i fell into a pre-fab house out of Dwell. Honestly you could momentarily forget that you were at an industry only electronics convention… they have really transformed themselves the last few years, and i am thrilled to hear that their design process for products and even the booth put Users First! They work with focus groups and run in home usability studies to find out what people really NEED in their lives, and only THEN do they bring together the designs and technology to fit ~ and it really shows, since they have managed to really put the “lifestyle” aspect into their products. Even the careful detail on the designs of products show, from the buttons, to the fonts and glows, the color choices and materials used… (remember the rockstar and conserve surge protector?)… and when it came to the booth ~ we see more of the silhouetted furnishings motif (like at HP) and i love the touches like both REAL black goldfishes in bowls as well as subtle vinyl stickered goldfish bowls at the top of the stairs where few may even notice such a minute detail.

The never ending sunset ~


View frmo the rear of the booth looking straight down the grassy courtyard…

Splashing the washable mouse in the kitchen…


Hanging out by the 2D fire in the living room…

In the front corner of the booth the mannequins were ready to power walk… love the wood paneling around their meeting rooms.

all your bed working needs…

With your skype phone by your bed…

Sneaking into one of the meeting rooms…

Can you believe this is what was behind that door??? Cozy relaxing space to chat.

My favorite hidden goldfish!

Cruising in the Belkin car!

And this is the sweet clear floating wall for the display of FlyWire to show how little you needed behind that wall mounted plasma!

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What a great piece! Thanks for posting this, Catalyst Exhibits, Inc. designed and fabricated this Belkin Booth! I like the way you have expressed your experience!

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