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Two Smaller Dysons- 01.18.08

shrinkdyson.jpgExciting news in the vacuum department - Dyson’s are getting smaller! One of the biggest problem with all powerful vaccums (not just dyson) is the sheer SIZE of the things, super dustbusters and the lightweight minis are cute but they just don’t get the job done the same way. First in the new models is a smaller form of his classic ball - this DC24 smaller ball vacuum that compacts to a size of 43.3 x 11.0 x 13.7 (HxWxD) inches! Second up is the smaller version of his canister vacuum, the Dyson Baby. For a good sense of how small these really are, see the image of Sir James Dyson with the two after the jump!


Thanks, Mom ~ for finding this one while jetsetting to the UK and passing it along! Via the Daily Mail

Dwell has a hands on review with the DC24 ~ “The new Ball vacs are smaller than earlier Dyson uprights, and they do feel slightly delicate. However, when I visited Dyson last month he threw the vacuum across his hotel suite repeatedly to demonstrate its sturdiness. “We have people working seven days a week trying to break it,” Dyson told me.”

Here’s a comparison of the upright vacuum models:

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Why do vaccuum makers like to be on camera so much?

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