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Miu Miu + Kirsten Dunst- 01.18.08

miumiukd1.jpgPart of me lives for the neverending hunt for the *perfect* bag… well, perhaps a perfect bag for each and every situation. Anyhow, everyone has their quest, and that seems to be mine. That being said, this new grey Miu Miu bag in the Kirsten Dunst ads is my latest lust object. And while bag hunting and finding this one, i also got sucked into the whole ad campaign imagery for Miu Miu’s spring 2008 with Kirsten Dunst ~ fun photography, loving the eerie red floors and ominously surreal look, and while i feel silly saying every time i see her i still think of Interview With A Vampire ~ she certainly has that pale look about her here! See the whole campaign after the jump.











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She looks classy and has a porcelein beauty.
In response to Lazarou, trust me all the other celebs make sure their photos are doctored to make them perfect as well. Kirsten has a delicate beauty.

----- Linda 22.03.08 20:40

i think she is amazingly talented and beautiful

----- lou lou 27.01.08 22:37

i love that bag! nd kristen dunst suprisingly looks really good in the ads

----- sunny dae 20.01.08 21:03

I’m lusting after that gray bag. Where oh where can I find it?

----- Lily 19.01.08 13:51

I’d like to see these photos before photoshop lol

----- Lazarou 18.01.08 18:03

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