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Belkin Rockstar- 01.10.08

belkinrockstar.jpgI think this is one of my favorite pictures from CES. Just something so fun about that glow. This was actually a backlit display on a concrete little table on their big grassy courtyard with little concrete stools all around it (you’ll see more of the Belkin booth soon). But i just love how this picture blacks out the insanity surrounding it. Anyhow, the Belkin Rockstar is a super splitter of sorts ~ only it doesn’t split, it actually has a chip inside to make sure the sound quality isn’t dropping with each added connection. And most interesting thing is you can have TWO INPUTS… so yes, you can put two ipods together and live dj! While also having a few other people listening in, or hooking up some speakers… targeted at the 12-17 set, but world of opportunities here… imagine daisy chaining a few together? More images after the jump!




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these are shit, when are you ever around five people who want to have their head 30cms away from you? i got one for christmas and you cant mix songs coz you cant change tempo

----- lauren smth 26.12.08 01:56

And if you have big ears they will hurt on the long run because the shell isn’t big enough and they tend to pinch the top and bottom of your ears, especially if you wear glasses.

----- jonny 11.01.08 04:59

Hey Benjamin,

I’m pretty sure they are the panasonic retro ones

----- jean 10.01.08 18:02

Could someone tell me, which headphones are those on the table there.. Look beautiful.. I was looking at some very similar the other day, but didn’t notice them in white and forgot to del.icio.us them..

Does anyone know?

----- Benjamin A. Wendelboe 10.01.08 17:21

Very interesting, glad someone came up with a solution to the crappy splitters we use that degrade our music pleasure

----- Justin 10.01.08 16:36

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