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Busy Beaver NOTCOT Buttons!- 01.11.08

newbeaver1.jpgMORE NOTCOT BUTTONS!!! I’m so excited. They are just refills (can’t believe i’m out) ~ was too indecisive to pick what should be on new ones. So for anyone who wants buttons ~ Buy Here. But moving along to the awesome packaging… remember that Busy Beaver TAPE i wrote about? They used it on my box! (Last time my buttons were just in a bag) AND they threw in some fun sticker/tear off calendars too! See more pics after the jump! Yay for Busy Beaver Buttons.





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the buttons are nice, but i like the tape even more!!


----- Ben 09.07.09 20:25

i order a lot of buttons (everyone loves shwag) and use busy beaver everytime. never a disappointment.

----- Corey 14.01.08 13:04

Thank you! When I saw their site, I just had to order myself a batch..! Can’t wait till they arrive!

----- Benjamin A. Wendelboe 11.01.08 18:50

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