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Gameboy Bricks- 01.28.08

gameboybricks.jpgThe gameboy has always been quite the brick in retrospect, but will always be my first console (my parents didn’t let me have video games, but i had won the gameboy, so they HAD to let me have it!). I would love to have a pathway to some crazy secret gameroom in the woods made out of these in my future backyard. Can you imagine making bricks of PS2s, XBOXs, Wiis, PS3s, PSPs, etc etc etc all creating different paths to different places? So many possibilities ~ and although i feel like i’ve been reading about these Gameboy bricks for a while, i somehow only recently discovered the full set of images in the Souvenier section of Gieskes, where you can also purchase bricks for about 30 euro each. I love seeing the process ~ check out more images after the jump!







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Hi Im a student in Mexico city, just want to share with you that i did the same idea, i had it with the iPod firs generation…

----- Allan 29.01.08 14:00

I won a gameboy once too, from a box of captain crunch. that was pretty awesome.

----- Joe 28.01.08 17:08

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