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Shepard Fairey’s VOTE- 01.28.08

shepvotemain.jpgIt’s that time of year, politics are inescapable, and while we’re not here to dish out opinions on that matter, i will say that Obama has certainly done the most to appeal to the creative community… we’ve shown you his LA button/sticker/t campaign, his logo variations for every group, and his social network… and now, Shepard Fairey has created some posters showing not only how much he backs Obama, but also just generally putting the call to action out there to VOTE! Posters will be available for order on weds Jan 30th at $50 each, and proceeds from this print go to produce prints for a large statewide poster campaign. The site also says, “Anyone interested in helping out please email info@obeygiant.com with OBAMA as the Subject Title for instructions.” See more images of the posters after the jump!




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After researching some of his work I am utterly disgusted that people in the art community even support him. Artist create, thieves, pirates, and politicians steal. Let’s hope with Barack Obama that he truly stands for change.
Read this, research more of his work on your own, and form your own opinion.
PS Same article as Ryan.

----- Zeke 30.07.08 21:56

one has not far to look to appreciate that public art display/ public urban art postings are the future of metropolitan artistic expression. keith haring paintings made the transition from subway wall to gallery and the same clearly can be said for a jean-michel basquiat refrigerator door featuring his joycean scrawling. artists that put their art into public settings whether by stenciling onto a sidewalk or gluing an OBEY sticker to a door, feed the blinded herd much needed vision. shepard fairey too, will someday join such company among the views of sexless critics

----- ACCE, Chicago 04.05.08 23:58

I think you’ll find that Shepard wants you to support Obama! His work appeals to the majority as art. It’s true that Shepard uses this art as a medium to give voice to his opinions - and it just so happens that his style and approach have become hugely popular, helping to raise both the profile of himself and of his opinion. It has to be said… tool or not, one smart cookie.

----- Flip 13.03.08 14:24

These posters have spread so far so quickly… its nuts… brilliant.

----- a35mmlife 13.02.08 16:36

From my understanding, the OBEY logo appears on the progress print because that was the initial design done without commission/approval of the Obama camp. After seeing the poster, the Obama campaign contacted Fairey to supply them with a design, which resulted in the logo-less, officially sanctioned Hope design.

----- Chris 06.02.08 07:43

sorry to be troll-like, but it has to be said:

Shepard Fairey is a tool. for the sake of the people he plagiarizes, please don’t support him.


----- christapher 31.01.08 13:41

I like them.

Why the OBEY logo on Progress only and not Hope?

----- Ryan 29.01.08 08:39

The style makes me think: “Blow: Keeping the Black Man from getting elected since 2008.”

----- Tim 29.01.08 03:27

The Obama poster is great! “Progress” and “Hope” aren’t working though. “Vapid” and “Trendy” work much better.

----- bea 28.01.08 20:49

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