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Handpresso- 01.15.08

handpresso.jpgHandpresso… i’ve been intrigued by this french contraption since i first laid eyes on it over at Acquire a few days ago (i haven’t a clue why i’ve taken so long writing/editing this post bit by bit). And their ads crack me up ~ particularly the one with the french couple in a movie theater trying to be all suggestive while pumping up the espresso, getting the cups ready, etc. It’s a beautiful contraption that looks like a nicely design mini bike pump you feed a packet of espresso (the premade type - pics below) and some hot water into for a perfectly brewed cup of espresso? I’m skeptical, but curious… see pics and videos after the jump as well as some of the accessories you can buy to go with.






This ad with the french couple in the movie theater is far too funny:

Here’s how the Handpresso actually works:

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3 Notes

Such an innovation! Do you add hot water from a source like a thermos or does the pump itself generate heat?How?

----- Judi Vining 28.01.09 10:37

Funny, the french guy of the french couple is a good friend of mine from school days in Paris, he is also the or one of the designers for this piece. Maybe I’ll get one for X mas??

----- JJ 17.03.08 20:09

espresso, not expresso.

----- mchl 17.01.08 21:42

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