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It’s How We’re Drinking…- 01.23.08

nzdrunk1.jpg“It’s not the drinking. It’s HOW we’re drinking.” The Alcohol Advisory Council of New Zealand has some great print and tv adverts on creating awareness about drinking. Rather than being completely anti-drinking, they are making people more aware of HOW they are drinking. It seems to be an interesting and effective approach… take a look at their television ads here. Also interesting is their campaign about how its not just kids that drink too much, and show the mirror image of “grown ups”… see the ads after the jump!









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Amazing ads.

----- schyler 01.02.08 08:00

In early 2007 the same was made in the Netherlands:

----- Rolf 31.01.08 00:13

Wow, these are so much better than the ones I saw in NZ when I was out there almost 10 years ago. Back then they were taking a shock and awe approach. One commercial showed four drunk guys in a car. The driver drives off an embankment and escapes the car just before it blows up…and you can hear his friends screaming as they’re burned alive. Yeah. The other commercial showed a grisly minivan crash with the voiceover: “If only Dan hadn’t had that last drink, the last sound little Wendy heard wouldn’t have been her own neck snapping.” I kid you not. I really, REALLY remember those ads.

----- Jocelyn 28.01.08 13:37

We’ve seen something like this: http://www.alcoholinfo.nl/index.cfm?act=winkel.detail&pr=896


----- d. 24.01.08 00:28

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