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MacBook Air- 01.15.08

macbookair.jpgWe all want it. We have to. Right? And i do have a soft spot for manilla envelopes… Does anyone else think of air jordans when they hear macbook air though? The naming on this stuff kills me. Also the user experience of their whole keynote/macworld expo is apparently quite possibly the worst user experience ever… But for now. It looks pretty cute, and the music video for the song in the ad is quite possibly the cutest thing i’ve been woken up with… see it below! I would love to have her box on the water… and as far as packaging goes, i’m going to be sad if i open the box for this and it’s not in a manilla envelope… oh and apparently it’s completely sealed, has no ram slots, no battery replacement, its just like a ginormous ipod… i mean small laptop. same diff - only 2 gigs ram… no ethernet port…

UPDATED 1.15.8 at 12:50: We have hands on pics of the MacBook Air ~ detail shots added after the jump!



Preorder - view the ad - watch the walk through - etc - here

UPDATED! Here are our hands on pics with the MacBook Air:









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12 Notes

I just dont see the point of this machine. It does less than most other notebooks, its just slim. Big whoop.

----- Juhachi 16.03.08 22:06

I’m going to get one of these SSD beauties as soon as possible.

----- Dave 26.01.08 04:09

The MacBook Air looks like a great laptop, I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

----- John Reed 23.01.08 18:30

Hijos de perra!!!! I love it

----- Daniela 16.01.08 11:32

“I would love to have her box on the water”

As would I, but there’s no need to be so crude about it.

----- subroc 16.01.08 09:55

I just wanted to share the price for this thing with the SSD in Denmark in Dollars.

It’s 4,486.54 $.

I love it, but I’m getting an EEE and a Stationary iMac - and maybe even a car - for less than this.

----- prin 16.01.08 03:18

The ports on the bottom pop out? Does that make it wobble?

----- Jeremy 15.01.08 21:50

I agree with you. Not sure who this is aiming for? If it was an A5 version and a third of the price though…MacBook AirNano?

----- Jonas 15.01.08 18:12

Gorgeous! The keyboard reminds me of the classic G4 Titanium. I’m still happy with my Powerbook, but I can still dream.

----- PJ 15.01.08 17:56

it’s beautiful.

----- Becca 15.01.08 17:03

It’s pretty, but it’s only slightly thinner/lighter than a macbook pro and too expensive for what it can do. I’d much rather get an Eee. That fits better in smaller bags anyway.

----- kareno 15.01.08 16:58

Looks amazing! I was drooling just reading about it on the liveblogs of the keynote. Thanks for sharing the great pictures!

----- Brian 15.01.08 13:30

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