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Design Police- 01.14.08

dp1.jpgThe Design Police want to “Bring bad design to justice.” and they have even provided a Visual Enforcement Kit to help you with your vigilante justice… whether you choose to make that in the form of stickers, stencils, etc… Personally i’m liking the design of the original stickers of the Design Police Guerilla Campaign in Stephen’s portfolio even more! See more imagery after the jump!









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SK - man did you ever hit the nail right on the head!

----- Ted 28.04.09 08:13

I loved these! They are my personal response to every yahoo that thinks that because they own a PC with Microsoft Word, they are a graphic designer. It isn’t negativity, it’s honesty. Plus if you really want to work in the graphic design field you’ll need to handle tougher comments than these. If you really need smiley face stickers that say “Great Design!” you may want to reconsider your career choice.

----- Vince 20.03.08 11:13


Do you know what the difference is between “objective” and “subjective”. The world of design is being ruined by people being overly subjective about what is “good” design. The fact is that graphic design is a professional industry in which we have all been trained and there are certain rules that we have to learn to qualify. I think the Design Police are simply pointing this out - that there ARE rules but overly subjective people like yourself don’t realize and contribute to the crap that surrounds us in advertising/design every single day.

To drive a car you have to pass a test with rules and regulations to make sure you are fully qualified. I dread to think if you were an instructor, you’d say “oooh that was a nice drive, have a license”. The point is, you don’t write to the DVLA telling them that their rules and regulations are pretentious, you just learn them first and then develop your own style within them.

Plus, where’s your sense of humor? Bout time you found it. Design Police Rule.

----- SK 16.02.08 08:54

Don’t forget Papyrus. That font should be cleansed from the public consciousness.

----- Jeremy Kirsch 25.01.08 14:51

To whomever it may concern — I interviewed the Design Police for Unzipped.

----- Yves Peters 23.01.08 17:37

i want a sticker that says “Use smart quotes here” personal pet peeve and the sign of ignorance or apathy.

----- pagalina 20.01.08 18:27

YES YES YES. Needs more “Comic Sans in Illegal” stickers.

----- Cowashee 15.01.08 17:11

I’d like to see these as PDF stamps! I’d be slamming those down on EVERYTHING

----- Kat 15.01.08 14:41

I agree with !indsey. Down with the positive! People need to relax and see part of the humor is satirizing the acerbic mentality in the industry.

----- CharmGun 15.01.08 11:55

Hilarious. Most of the decent designers in my graduating class would think so too. Enough with the niceties, let’s be honest… and deflate some big egos in the process. Cheers!

----- !indsey 15.01.08 06:58

Oh dear god, this gives me nightmares of marking my students’ first design projects. I actually say many of these things several times a month.

Hold me!

----- Gayle Bird 15.01.08 05:30

Urgh. Overly negative, and ultimately pretentious. A lot of it is just a matter of taste anyway. Are they going to paste these on mini mom&pop stores or indie amateur works who aren’t so concerned with design but just with running their business/hobby? Much like the “fashion police” that attacks anyone who dares to not be fabulously stylish 24/7 or decides to wear a pair of Crocs one day (apparently “comfortable” is no longer an option. STYLE OF ELSE.).

Kern? Crafting? Widow? Meaningless noise to most people, and it would ultimately never reach the ears of the designers.

I’d rather see a set of stickers that reinforce positivity. “This is a great design!” “This picture made me smile.” “Thank you for a positive portrayal of women.” Encourage, not discourage. How are you going to get “good” design if no one knows what the hell good design is meant to be?

----- Tiara 15.01.08 01:59

Another nice one would be “Bad Image Resize (use anti-aliasing)”.

----- Daniël Haveman 15.01.08 00:17

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