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Measure Leather Bracelet- 01.18.08

measurebracelet.jpgBeing a sucker for seemingly useful multipurpose designs… i’m strangely drawn to these leather wrap bracelets from A.P.C.’s spring 08 collection. This “doubled centimitre bracelet” is 100% leather with a small metal buckle and a centimitre scale embossed on the outside and ‘A.P.C / WONDERWALL’ on the inside. (NotCouture #1372)Now if only they’d do one in inches as well?

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If you can’t do the conversion in your head…

then there was an inches belt and bracelet from Tatty Devine, long sold out now, which you might be able to find on Ebay UK.


Though, admittedly as an architect, I love the milimetre markings.

----- Hugh 19.01.08 03:13

Are you all Americans or what?:) Here in Europe the only country that uses inches is UK. And they were French who invented metric system so you shouldn’t be surprised that they work with it all the time;)

----- M72 18.01.08 13:55

Metric FTW

----- Morgan 18.01.08 12:41

Now if only they would do a reversible one with CM on one side and IN on the other.

----- Pete 18.01.08 12:27

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