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Mottainai Furoshiki- 01.09.08

Furoshiki.jpgMottainai Furoshiki” has been created by Yuriko Koike, Japan’s Minister of the Environment, as a symbol of Japanese culture to reduce waste. Furoshiki is a Japanese traditional wrapping cloth which is used repeatedly in a stylish way. “The utilization of this “Mottainai Furoshiki” will contribute to reducing household waste from plastic bags. The Minister presented the “Mottainai Furoshiki” at the Senior Officials Meeting on the 3R Initiative held in Tokyo, Japan on March 6-8, 2006.”

In the words of Minister Koike herself: “I’ve created what you might call a “mottainai furoshiki”. The Japanese word mottainai means it’s a shame for something to go to waste without having made use of its potential in full. The furoshiki is made of a fiber manufactured from recycled PET bottles, and has a birds-and-flowers motif drawn by Itoh Jakuchu, a painter of the mid-Edo era. The Japanese wrapping cloth known as the furoshiki is said to have been first used in the Muromachi Period(1392-1573), when people spread it out in place of a bath mat or wrapped one’s clothes with it. The furoshiki is so handy that you can wrap almost anything in it regardless of size or shape with a little ingenuity by simply folding it in a right way. It’s much better than Plastic bags you receive at supermarkets or wrapping paper, since it’s highly resistant, reusable and multipurpose. In fact, it’s one of the symbols of traditional Japanese culture, and puts an accent on taking care of things and avoiding wastes.”

Perhaps what i need isn’t a reusable bag… well i’m not sure how well i could do this for a BAG of groceries anyhow, but certain for gift wrap it opens up my options! Time to stock up on everything from Hermes scarves to fabric store scraps? See the chart of how to fold the designs after the jump. (Thanks, Craig!)



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To whom it make concern:
I recently discovered the furoshiki technique and while searching for a supplier, I came across with your website.
Im interested to show this beautiful tecnique in my contry, Ecuador, so I would like to know if you teach some online course aboutl all these folking techniques.
and if you sell by wholesale.
All information that you can provide me will be extremely helpful.

Thank you, in advance.

Best regards,

----- Samy Aviles 09.06.09 19:17

Hey Everyone,
Furoshiki is so awesome and I am so glad that others are picking up on it!
I am starting a business that is dedicated to the practice and I am trying to integrate it into the US culture to help reduce waste.
If you want to learn more come by to my site!


----- Kate Kelley 22.08.08 06:36

love the concept, however can you see the faces in line behind you as you artfully wrap your goods at the market? You surely better not write a check or use cash for your purchace… America is only ready for some shades of green.

----- mandy 08.02.08 11:09

that’s so funny! I was thinking the exact same thing for gift wrap this year - I just didn’t have enough time to get cloth…but it’s a pretty awesome method for wrapping gifts!

----- Sub-Studio 10.01.08 05:38

I actually posted about this on my blog last year.
I made examples of each of the technique with the Furoshiki and Tenugui I purchased in Tokyo.


----- vaneea 10.01.08 03:34

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