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HP Booth at CES- 01.09.08

hpbooth1.jpgI must say that i was proud to have our sites sponsored by HP when i walked into this booth… it was like a designers wet dream. I was just floored by the intense amount of design classics everywhere, and didn’t expect to find a booth covered in silhouettes of design classics ~ as well as many beautiful design pieces in their settings as well. Can you name/spot all the pieces? I have LOTS of pictures for you below, and it does feel like they might have gone nuts with a DWR catalog. And even down to the tiniest details ~ they have a normann copenhagen WOOFY on a shelf ~ looks like a nava notebook and automoblox on a desk even! And now they have me pondering whether to start printing out silhouettes of life size design classics (like lamps and chairs) with my vinyl cutter! Even the artimide tolomeo mega classic floor lamp is there. My absolute favorite i’m tempted to replicate is their Vitra Algue wall… i never could justify spending enough to make a proper wall hanging of those, but with the push of a button the vinyl silhouette version would be sooooo easy. I think there is even a french bulldog on one of the walls…. and the mix of woodgrain and the various hues of blue for the faux walls in their walls mixed with the crisp black and white of the products…. *swoon* Look at the pics below, let me know what else you spot!












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i just want to be seen on notcot.

----- Jerry 20.04.08 20:13

I like this style, I want try it,.

----- Forest.Duan 10.01.08 17:20

Absolutely stunning decor, i would like to decorate my room with that theme.
Props to you for a wonderful site filled to the top with absolutely stunning pictures.

----- Justin 10.01.08 16:43

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