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Party at the Smart House- 01.17.08

smartbr2.jpgGood news, everyone! The Smart House has extended its stay in Venice beach till the end of February! (previously it was gone end of Jan). Now, i’ve told you about the Smart House before, as well as the Smart Balls (new ones after the jump!), but with every event the space looks so different, i had to share more images of it with you from tonight’s +Beryll event where i met Sigmar Berg who is not only the founder of this 10 year old line of sunglasses, jewelry, and vintage belt, but also an artist/designer/architect who created all of the photo-canvases covering the walls of the Smart House this evening! All three floors of this loft space were open - ground floor to explore the car, second floor to dine and dance, third floor had the dj and second balcony (with smart car on it!)… models wandered and danced around in black t-shirts bearing the Beryll ‘+’ and dark beryll shades, vintage belts, and the necklaces and jewelry… i also noticed more design details i loved about the Smart House this time, like this “open your mind” wall… So browse and experience the space through pictures after the jump!








It’s bigger than it looks in there, and not just because of my wide angle lens…









Click to view larger!

Here is Sigmar Berg the founder of Beryll with one of his works.



The incredible thing about these pieces are that Sigmar took them all locally with his small digital point and shoot Leica, much like the one that Rose is here taking his portrait with! And he does not edit them at all, simply prints them on canvas and mounts them for that pure effect, much like how he views the naked eye to perceive the world.

And on one last silly terrible yet noteworthy image, i loved that the girl in the bathroom sign seems to be doing the pee pee dance with the knees locked together!

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I saw this article some weeks ago and checked out the Beryll store in Santa Monica. The stuff is amazing and the
space looks like an art gallery - they have art receptions coming up with a bunch of european artists too.
I am know totally into Beryll sunglasses and got also a handmade reworked vintage belt - i love it…
Definitely Beryll is an enrichment in the LA fashion scene and with its creator Sigmar Berg also in the art world.
Thank you for finding them.


----- sidney 02.05.08 09:43

wow guys, i was there and it was a super cool party! a lot of nice people and the music was great.
i checked out the Beryll’s sunglasses even on their website www.beryll.com and they are really incredible! handmade limited edition and they seem to fit you like no others!
they are so cool!

----- adpvenice 18.01.08 14:35

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