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The Writers Guild Strikes Matches- 01.17.08

writersstrikes1.jpgI wandered into A+R last night, and *had* to take pictures of these Writers Guild Strikes vintage-esque matchboxes. The typography, pen nib/lightning, colors, and various angles with which to interpret every all the symbolism… For anyone that’s curious, these are not for sale, but for those who want to see them in person, these are in the A+R store on Abbot Kinney. As for the writer’s strike, its been a long nearly three months, here in LA especially, and i’m sure we’ve all been seeing the effects of the strike internationally - with the hold up on shows, awards shows, tv hosts ad libbing their own shows, etc… best of luck to them!





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and why *aren’t* they for sale…? i’d totally buy them.

----- megan 25.01.08 09:49

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