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Heiko - The State of Things- 01.02.08

0102heiko1.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here’s another article from Anna Corpron of Sub-Studio!

I love Heiko’s illustrations. To me, his work is about contrasts - black and white with a few dabs of CMYK, seemingly innocent scenes with slightly menacing undertones. Sometimes it’s exactly the opposite - a monster or a volcano emanating hearts. The same graphic symbols appear in Heiko’s work over and over again - pandas, hearts, volcanoes, eel-like skeletons, whistled notes, birds, usually reinterpreted per illustration (eel waves, Medusa-locks, eel peacock feathers). And the bonus? Heiko’s work is very affordable, with prints ranging from $15-$35 (via Thumbtack Press), $1 postcards, and buttons for $3.






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He is going to have an amazing show at my frieds place www.bourgeoispig.de in Heidelberg, Germany, soon.

----- f&art 09.01.08 16:12

Twotapsyes - he did, and it was worn by Turk on Scrubs!

----- Natalie 06.01.08 17:37

I’ve long loved Heiko’s illustrations… what’s more amazing is that he is now married to one of my other favourite illustrators, Lily Piri!

----- Natalie 03.01.08 18:07

I think he did a shirt for threadless.

----- Twotapsyes 03.01.08 17:20

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