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Negativity Refuse Bag- 01.02.08

poster1pic.jpegNegativity Refuse Bags would have been the *perfect* New Years gifts! Although merely a Positive* Branding/Campaign Concept… still would be a pretty fun gift, particularly for placing all that baggage emotional and otherwise into before burning at a bonfire? The bag states “Here at Positive, we believe that a physical action can reflect your emotional state. We encourage you to dispose of your pessimism and mental demons in a physical manifestation, to help purge your mind. So throw away that photo of the ex, or that poor performance report, and forget about it.”

Instructions for use:
Place items within bag
Dispose of bag in nearest trash receptacle
Close Eyes
Take a deep breath
Think Positive thoughts.




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I totally agree with Katrika and Jean, it’s a smart and funny concept, I love the idea, the design, and - even not being exactly eco-friendly - it’s a “human-friendly” piece of art. Sometimes we need to throw away our negative thoughts and this is a amazingly simple (and brilliant) solution.
Well, if you want to USE the bag, put in objects that remind you of negativity, “bad things” and ballast, store them in the last corner of your closet … it will work too, without doing any harm to the trees and animals :)

----- Kiratira 27.09.08 12:02

I love this concept. I think it’s smart, witty, and fabulously executed. It makes you think about all the emotional baggage you are hanging on to and need to get rid of… whether it is recyclable or not :)

----- Katrika 09.01.08 11:28

Hi people,

i guess i didnt really make it clear enough in the post? This is a concept piece on branding. Really i think of it more as an art piece involving a fake brand, a fake product, and some fake advertising… discussing the manufacturer and how it will be disposed of seems kind of besides the point?

I’m not posting this to highlight new ways to destroy the environment~ really, i like how this project make you stop for a moment and realize people how important it is to let go of that negativity and let the past go to move on particularly in light of a new year!

sorry for any misunderstandings.
~ jean

----- notcot 04.01.08 15:11

first of all, the non-recyclable symbol has to refer to the bag as there’s no way for the manufacturer to know what the consumer will be putting into it. and secondly, amy, are you suggesting that being concerned about an extremely environmentally unfriendly item is the product of negativity? really? maybe you’ve been exposed to too many cranky environmentalists.

----- goober 04.01.08 08:55

i have to agree with goober on this one, although i’m not *hugely* surprised. (while notcot does have its share of eco-friendly product posts, it clearly isn’t the prevailing themes.)

whatever happened to lighting your ex’s photos on fire, or cutting them up into tiny pieces? :)

----- brandy 04.01.08 06:30

Sounds like someone in here might need some of these bags to help lighten that load of negativity they are carrying around?

----- amy 03.01.08 19:44

i kinda thing emotional balance and health is more important than the environment. i am green and always will be, but shouldn’t humankind and it’s positive mental health be more important than bags that can most likely be recycled anyway? i’m sure the “non-recyclable” symbol means the items inside, anyway.

----- leech 03.01.08 16:25

wow. how environmentally unfriendly can a product get? am i wrong to assume you buy these only to throw them away? empty? a really really bad idea and i’m quite surprised notcot’s endorsing it.

----- goober 03.01.08 07:55

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