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StrangeCo Vivisect Playset- 01.13.08

vivisect.jpgThe King Of The Deadbeats - aka Rex beta vulgaris mortem by Joe Ledbetter is too awesome. That’s the blue walrus guy with a head on a stick. This is just one of the new 8 figure blind box series dropping from StrangeCo, and it’s their new multi-artist mini figure series, The Vivisect Playset, featuring Anthony Ausgang, Luke Chueh, Peter Gronquist, Thomas Han, Joe Ledbetter, Greg Simkins and Amanda Visell! Quite the lineup ~ Luke Chueh’s is perfection as well… that classic near tears look that lives beneath the glossy made up facade we parade around in - Mugs Bunny - aka Lepus polypersonas. For those in LA ~ the big Toy Release party (really its like a fun gallery opening where we can all afford to buy the goods) will be at Gallery 1988 on Jan 26th! See more pics of the full set packaging after the jump.


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2 Notes

That walrus is absolutely brilliant. And the kangaroo/dragon looking guy…great set.

----- Andrew 13.01.08 12:05

Now this is just exciting, the figures by Thomas Han and Amanda Visell seem particularly innovative.

----- Brigitte 13.01.08 08:15

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