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Squeezebox Duet Goodies- 01.13.08

squeezeboxduet.jpgIs it time for a cheesy ~ Squeezebox Duet “it’s more than meets the eye”? Ok i couldn’t help myself, but there seems to be a lot more potential to this duo than most have been writing about, and i have pics below if you don’t believe me. I was a bit skeptical when i first heard Logitech acquired Slim Devices, but its nice to see that the combination is producing some gorgeous technologically lust-worthy results. While at first glance, this is just a new variation of the open source SqueezeNetwork family ~ with a main displayless receiver and a remote that looks like the harmony meets ipod (and the duet can be split up and integrated any which way with your existing slim devices)… upon closer inspection and some forum browsing, it turns out that that remote has far more than expected.

There is an SD slot by the battery… a headphone jack and ir transmitter at the top (in addition to the wifi connection it uses)… there is an adorable little speaker on the back… the demo units had the ability to browse flickr on the mini displays… in screensaver mode it is a clock (and i am 80% sure the guy told me it can be your alarm clock as well, but it was a crazy few days so i’m not positive)… and according to the forums this little remote even has a 3-axis accelerometer and an expansion port on the bottom. Being completely open source, you can only imagine some of the crazy applets and software that have been created in the beta program… and can you imagine what else this can be used for? (it already streams your internet music/sirius radio/etc!) See close ups and links to the forums, etc below!

Here’s the SD card slot by the battery.

This is the speaker ~ and on the top are the IR transmitter and headphone jack.


Album browsing.

Now playing ~ all with cover art!

The tiny remote dock/charger and receiver unit.

Is it any wonder it won a spot in the CES Innovations 2008 Showcase and the CNET Best of CES?

Fun thread over at AV Forums with a quote from “dean (Dir. of Engineering) on official forums” saying amongst other things: “The Controller also has a small built-in speaker and headphone jack which are used for sound effects for the user interface. Future software updates could make the Controller a player itself, streaming your music (or any of the internet radio or music services on SqueezeNetwork) to the headphone jack. If and when that software update happens, the Duet bundle would be like getting two players in
one box.

There’s also an SD card slot in the unit, an IR transmitter, a 3-axis accelerometer and an expansion port on the bottom. What software features get added depends largely on what the community comes up with, there’s already a bunch of neat applets and other software that have been created during the beta program.”

I wonder if this means we could make it into a wiimote?

There are also lots of pics from the beta testers on the official forum

View the official Logitech Squeezebox Duet here.

View the Slim Devices Squeezebox Duet here.

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so my computer is connected to my big screen HDTV and I want to surf the net…so can the 3-axis accelerometer be programmed to mimic the movement of the mouse/cursor and the main button to click on links..?? this is a killer app, can anyone write a program for this?

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