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To Be Us A Matter Of Toys- 01.16.08

woodycars0.jpg On simple toys often being the best ~ To Be Us’ A Matter Of Toys (what a company/product line name) cars are adorable. AND handmade… (pictures of the making of after the jump!)

From the To Be Us site:
“Handmade in Italy - To be Us is craftsmanlike product, entirely handmade. A one size block of wood, a single cut that shapes the sports car, the romantic one, the pick-up, the saloon , the security van. To be Us products are made of cedar of Lebanon: a dense, spicy and long-lasting wood. Its peculiar scent has a natural anti-moths effect. Wheels are made of mahogany: a hard, dense and yet easy to work wood showing also a very fine and precious grain. No paints are used on To be Us toys. To be Us products are designed by Matteo Ragni, Giulio Iacchetti and Odoardo Fioravanti. and handmade by Master Giovanni.”


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4 Notes

I’ve read about the cedar of lebanon from the Bible quite often. It should be something special. Its interesting to see a toy made out of that wood. Hope they dont cut too many trees.

----- Gnanasingh 27.02.08 09:56

this is just beautiful. the world is already to full of cheap plastics and badly design toy. this is a step in the right direction. a green version of pleysam ?

----- aksel ness 16.01.08 15:12

Ack! Too cute!

----- Sub-Studio 16.01.08 08:10

Simple and cool!

----- Morandini 16.01.08 06:46

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