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Koren Shadmi- 01.04.08

korenshadmi.jpgKoren Shadmi is the most inspiring thing i’ve seen today. Particularly his live journal, which gives us all a peek into the madness that comes before the final illustrations, and a chance to see how things evolve from rough sketch to pencil to brush to photoshop and beyond. My exploration through his work today started with his great illustration in the NYTimes today for the article “Putting Your Best Cyberface Forward” about who we are, and the bizarre behavioral adaptations to show our better sides and alter egos on the internet, be it dating sites, facebook, or just emailing. See some of my favorite pieces of inspiration from his work below… and for the Koren Shadmi’s portfolio here.





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I can not believe to see all this great images all togheter congratulations because the page is awesone!!!

----- ARturo Sanchez 04.01.08 16:46

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