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Working Class Heroes Unfold- 01.31.08

unfold1.jpgSneak peeks from the latest from the Working Class Heroes which will be available Feb 4th… introducing the Unfold laptop bag. This new “premium cognac leather”/”washed slate cotton canvas” combo will be perfectly filled with a 17” macbook pro, but when using a smaller laptop (macbook air?), it takes a cue from the trendy Foley and Corinna style city totes you can easily have it folded in half to more of a messenger bag proportion. With “comfy handles and a reinforced shoulder strap, the bag is also padded with a protective layer to keep whatever you carry safe”. Its interior is a soft cotton lining with small leather logo. See more images of the Unfold after the jump!

Seem familiar? Working Class Heroes has been previously seen on NOTCOT and the gift guide due to my obsession with their brilliantly designed grey wool felt and leather laptop sleeves i have two of.





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8 Notes

This is probably one of the best bags I’ve seen. Need to get myself one of these!

----- JP 05.04.13 09:54

Hi from Barcelona. It’s available for sale? It’s the bag I need!

----- Albert 03.04.13 03:22

Is the Working Class Heroes Unfold laptop bag still available for purchase?!

----- vianica 13.07.09 17:00

Unfortunately, the company ships the items using cheap postal service, so you’re at their mercy. Costumer service is virtually nonexistent.

----- Jeremy 16.12.08 06:35

Beatiful, great, wonderful… and more. I love it! I can´t wait to have one and walk for the streets of Buenos Aires in Argentina.

----- Analia Juan 24.05.08 07:52

Hmmm… gotta say i think the new Unfold Bag looks a bit awkward for my tastes when it’s not folded over. However, those new Asphalt sleeves look hot. Can’t wait for them to come out!

----- Scathontiphat 01.02.08 10:53

Those are pretty great, but darn. I just bought a laptop sleeve from them. While I love the sleeve, I like the added functionality of these.

----- Jen Montgomery 01.02.08 07:56

Amazing… I can’t get enough of these guys. I’m still waiting for the iPhone sleeve to be in stock, but I’m glad that the wait means they’re in high demand.

----- James David 01.02.08 06:49

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