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Alex + Chloe Black Diamonds- 02.01.08

aandc1.jpgAlex + Chloe are popping up a pop up store tomorrow in Chinatown at the New High (M)art and i just noticed their new Black Diamonds collection… particularly the Anneau Solitaire - Diamant Inverse. I have had a bizarre fascination with inverted diamonds ever since Tobias Wong’s Ultimate Reverse Setting Ring. Also shown here are the Sphere Noir Diamant Inverse and Sphere Diamant Inverse, which remind me of mini oxidized canon balls… canon balls coming at you with the point of a diamond. Inverted diamonds, an interesting twist on a classic symbol of luxury, and also the ultimate weapon with used with a point? See more images and info on the opening after the jump!



Pop up store popping tomorrow!
New High (M)art
741 New High Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012
(Chinatown) Map It!

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yup this one is more than inspired by tobias wong….. and i think his is such a great art/design object… this one becomes kitsch, a copy of an important object…

----- cualquierchica 24.02.08 09:24

My boyfriend bought me this ring for my birthday. I absolutely love it and this is coming from someone who hates wearing jewelry.

I love the tobias ring too, and would be psyched to have that as an engagement ring. The Alex + Chloe ring is not at all an engagement ring though. It was vetoed when I brought that up (but I still got it anyway.)

----- Sue 23.02.08 11:56

Kat ~ i totally agree, and i suppose if anyone is ripping someone off its Tobi ripping Tiffany’s off first! But i still love that one as a piece of art


----- jean 01.02.08 17:45

i actually prefer the a&c design to the tobias wong one, the setting just seems much neater and subtle, less look-at-me quirky. they’re different enough in their approach to design to say nobody’s ripping anyone else off.

----- kat 01.02.08 17:37

fred ~ thanks, i mentioned the similarity in the post earlier… but not sure if i’d say stolen, perhaps inspired by? And its not exactly THAT crazy an idea to just flip a diamond upside down is it?

----- jean 01.02.08 16:06

Stolen design from Tobias Wong.

----- fred 01.02.08 13:25

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