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Cargo blu_ray Makeup- 02.09.08

blu-ray.jpgblu_ray ~ the latest collection from CARGO Cosmetics. And yes, that blu_ray. If the beauty industry has anything to say about it, it looks like blu_ray really is winning the war on HD DVD. The CARGO site says “blu-ray, CARGOs revolutionary new collection originally created for make-up artists filiming in high-definition, is designed to provide flawless results while maintaining a perfectly natural look. Because life happens in High-Definition…” So i guess anyone can be ready for their closeup in microscopic high-definition when viewed from a blu_ray dvd? I’m surprised that the 59$ (valued at $130) complete set doesn’t come with a blu_ray disc to help give buyers an extra push towards a ps3/blu_ray player… also i’m surprised to not see examples of with/without the magical blu_ray makeup as would be seen in high-definition. See the full collection after the jump!

This all new, limited-edition collection features blu_ray™ High Definition Mattifier, blu_ray™ Pressed Powder, blu_ray™ Blush/Highlighter, blu_ray™ Mascara, and blu_ray™ Gloss. The products are ideal for filming, photography, bridal makeup, special events, and even everyday wear. The products feature the latest technology in photochromatic pigments, optical blurring, and hyaluronic spheres, ingredients which provide polish and coverage while looking natural. Available at Sephora


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