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The Lake & Stars Trench- 02.12.08

lakeandstars.jpgTwo things happened when the gorgeous lingerie of The Lake & Stars showed up on NotCouture… i wandered to their site, and fell for, perhaps simultaneously, the photography of Tim Zaragoza and their trench coats. While at the moment i’m not sure which one i’m more in love with, or if perhaps the combination is irresistible, i’ll let you know when i finally meet one of the coats in person, or find images of it alone. Brooklyn photographer, Zaragoza, has found the perfectly moody, mysterious, dramatic look for these ladies in the trenches with their felty looking shades… and The Lake & Stars have mastered the classic combo of beautiful lingerie, trench coats, and heels. See after the jump for more images i’ve dug up so far.

p.s. What better name for a trench than - Opportunity?

Here is another image from the Fall/Winter 07 Collection.

Mysterious google image hunting turned up this one… that seems to be a scanned catalog?

Here are two from Tim Zaragoza’s portfolio ~ also definitely worth taking a peek at.


From the Spring/Summer 07 Show…

From the Spring/Summer 07 Show behind the scenes…

Here’s a video from Refinery29 with The Lake & Stars in their Brooklyn studio!
The Lake & Stars

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