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Edible Martini- 02.28.08

ediblemartini1.jpgThe Edible Martini ~ incredible video at the NY Times - “Chef/mad scientist Dave Arnold of the French Culinary Institute has figured out how to vacuum infuse a martini inside a cucumber.” Armed with a cucumber, a bottle of gin, vermouth, simple syrup, a paper clip, and a vacuum machine Dave Arnold does some impressive flash pickling ~ and this martini infused cucumber comes out as crunchy as when it started if not more. Essentially, the vacuum machine sucks all the air out, so when air comes back in, gin forced into the cucumber, and as the air returns it turns beautifully clear. See my screenshots of the process below, and watch the The Edible Martini video!

Watch the video - The Edible Martini

And here is my walk through in screenshots!

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so you infused a cucumber with vodka……congrats…so what? its not exactly groundbreaking, anyone that’s used a sous vide system has done this and more… kinda basic there oh guru of molecular science.

----- Chef Josh 08.07.10 18:28

What is an edible martini? Rather, what is an inedible martini?

All the sudden a martini has a hydrocolloid incorporated into the mix it becomes edible? I guess this is molecular mixology too because the product contains molecules. Probably should call it atomic mixology, or quarkic.

----- Dean 29.01.09 18:20

If you want an odd yet delicious taste, a gin with cucumber you can drink, try this instead. http://theunusualtimes.net/

----- Hieronymus 22.09.08 09:39

Why…..why don’t I have a vacuume to do this at home, for hours on end?

----- Lazarou 28.02.08 17:49

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