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Matusalem Rum- 02.28.08

matusaboat.jpgWith the retirement of Fidel Castro - here is a nicely timed campaign for Matusalem Rum that has launched, and there are some adorable print/tv ads worth taking a look at. While i have yet to taste this rum, these ads are working on me, because i’m definitely curious! The layered cutout, print/illustration look has totally made my day. Featured in the ads are a Fidel Castro cutout explaining why he expelled their best rum, since “The Caribbean has never seen a pirate like fidel. He stole an island and threw away the treasure away.” Check out the three video ads below as well as another print ad!


Cuba Shark!

Follow Da Rum!


and you can also view all of these in Spanish! Check out the Matusalem Rum YouTube page

And what does Matusalem Rum look like?

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Since you haven’t tasted Matusalem Gran Reserva, you really should add it to your list, especially if you like cigars.
I have and would put it up against Varadero, Havana Club and Legendario any day, not to mention the array of many fine Caribe rums.
Even if you like cognacs and armagnacs, this is a fine, slow-sipping neat spirit with bouquet and a great aftertaste.

----- Ron 11.09.08 15:21

Hello everybody!
Question: is this a real ad for Matusalem? if so, where can I find the originals?

----- pedro 29.08.08 09:27


----- segvsd 28.02.08 15:11

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