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GE Ecomagination Fishing Ad- 02.16.08

desalination.jpgAlso part of the GE Ecomagination ad campaign is ‘Fishing’, an adorably sweet desalination advert where “Chaos breaks out aboard a Norwegian boat when its fishermen start harvesting bottles of fresh water straight from the sea.” The music is really a nice touch on this ad spot. Embedded after the jump!

Here’s the youtube i found ~ but to view it in MUCH higher quality, check it out onthe GE Ecomagination site!

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The thing that is slightly distressing about this whole “eco-magination” ad series is the fact that as the second largest conglomeration in the world, GE is responsible for more then its fair share of environmental disasters (read: fourth largest polluter in the US). It is honorable that they are spending money to support a project along the lines of “eco-magination”, but I am just not convinced that this is a company that is truly dedicated to offsetting the travesties that they have set into motion. Perhaps cynicism has got the best of me, but I just wont believe it until I see more then marketing being dedicated to renewable resources and sustainable practices.

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