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GE Ecomagination Blueprint Ads- 02.16.08

ecomain.jpgBeautiful print ad campaign for GE’s Ecomagination… view the full set of the Blueprint Series after the jump. They are “all part of our blueprint for a better world”, covering water, solar power, home, wind power, and cleaner coal. What i like in particular with this campaign are the infographics overlayed on beautiful scenic national geographic-esque shots… with clear bold statements, they let you simultaneously appreciate the natural settings, why thinking about how to execute the diagrams. “Two-thirds of the world is covered in water. Shouldn’t three-thirds of the world’s population be able to drink it?” Yes.

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really great works
i love the idea, that you draw on a photo…
just i like design…also i am addict any type about design :)

----- berrak 17.02.08 09:07

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