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James Jean + Prada- 02.06.08

pradamain.jpgPrada. They’ve been grabbing my attention in every magazine lately with these illustration heavy images… (remember NotCouture #1478?) and while i’m still debating and mixed on the illustration on leather bag concept, i’m still loving the illustrations! So while checking out all of the Spring/Summer 08 collections and campaign, i couldn’t help but share this incredible (HUGE like 17’ x 200’) wallpaper they have. Entitled Florid ~ Prada says it “represents the somewhat perverse intersection between Hieronymus Bosch and Aubrey Beardsley. The image depicts an intense landscape of man-eating flowers, dragons, hybrid creatures and eerie fairies.” Above is one of my favorite sections of it… the full wallpaper, closeups, and images from the print campaign are after the jump!

UPDATE: Apologies for missing that this was the collaboration work of local LA artist James Jean, and that this wallpaper is hanging right in the Beverly Hills and Soho Epicenter stores sized at 17 x 200 feet! In my cold meds induced haze and excitement while being illustration/prada giddy, i’m terribly embarrassed for the slip up and really should know better than early morning posting! Forgive me? Also take a look at the second wallpaper on his site that isn’t on Prada’s.

Here is it in super tiny form… but it IS ridiculously wide compared to its height… so click the image to view in full size!

Here are the bags i’ve been conflicted on… perhaps the graphics are far better for print/digital than to actually carry around?

My favorite parts of the wallpaper…





Some of my favorites from the ad campaign for SS/08





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I’m absoulutely in love with this wallpaper. the one thing i wonder about is where is the part of the picture where the night person is pulling the girl in the shell?

----- ariel 21.05.08 20:01

The bags are real at least. The price I got was $2450 for one of the bags. Thats actually cheaper than I expected. I’ve seen way more absurd prices from prada and actually expected a 5 figure price.

----- Josh 09.02.08 11:50

Do you know if the clothing and bags are actual products, or were they exclusively created for this campaign? It would be very interesting to own a dress or purse with James Jean work stamped all over.

----- wendy 08.02.08 22:31

For those not familair with James Jean, check out his work on the Eisner award winning DC comics/Vertigo series, ‘Fables’. It’s jawdropping. He stands alone in an industry full of brilliant artists.

----- Josh 06.02.08 18:04

James Jean is great! I was really pleased with his process recess vol.2
Here you can see more of that sweetness http://www.processrecess.com/

----- KimmoO 06.02.08 07:10

This is some of James Jean’s fantastic illustration. There are images of this and other sketches for Prada wallpaper on his website.


----- Geoff 06.02.08 04:59

Not one mention of the illustrator behind these images, or is it just too obvious?

It’s James Jean of course!!!!

----- Jon Doe 06.02.08 02:50

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